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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 13, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PST

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states. >> president obama delivered his fifth state of the union address. >> the greatest nation on earth cannot keep conducting its business by drifting from one manufactured crisis to the next. >> what president obama said about guns is what's probably going to be most remembered from the speech. >> they deserve a vote. gabby giffords deserves a vote. the families of newtown deserve a vote. >> senator marco rubio gave the republican response. >> nothing has frustrated me more than false crisis like the one the president laid out. >> he was a little nervous and tense. >> i thought there was a light on him or something. the first public appearance of the pope since he announced his resignation monday and he thanks all for their love and prayers. tugs are towing the disabled carnival cruiseship to atlanta. >> there's raw sewage. >> all that. >> best in show winner, the affenpinscher affenpinscher. banana joe. >> banana joe how about that? look at him. stone faced, he's got it down.
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>> he just pulls off a back flip as the snow encasing him down that mountain. the ceo of apple and a nasa engineer sat with michelle obama. you can't sit close to your wife surrounding her with nerds. >> "cbs this morning." >> i literally couldn't move my legs so they'd have to pick up my legs and put them into my next outfit. >> whoa, now there is he aa job. welcome to "cbs this morning." we start with breaking news the sweeping manhunt for fugitive ex-cop wanted in a deadly rampage appears to be over. overnight sheriff's deputies say charred remains were found inside a burned out cabin near big bear lake california east of los angeles. it's not yet confirmed the remains are those of christopher dorner. >> the cabin went up in flames after an intense shoot-out.
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only cbs news captured the gunfight while it was happening. carter evans was in the middle of it all and he is again in big bear. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, there is a new development. authorities are now reporting inside that burnt out cabin they found a california driver's license with the name "christopher dorner" on it. all of this started yesterday, two cleaning ladies at a condominium at the city of big bear reported he confronted them tied them up held them hostage and stole two vehicles. now police are confident they have the right man. >> guys down! [ gunfire ] >> reporter: acting on reports of carjacking law enforcement officials quickly tracked the man accused of targeting police officers and their families. >> the suspect stole the vehicle matched the description. he crashed the car and then took off into the forest. >> reporter: as he barricaded himself in this empty cabin, the man believed to be dorner fired a .50 caliber sniper weapon
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shooting two deputies killing one of them. >> we have an officer down officer down. >> copy officer down. >> we are right in the center of the action here we are right where this is happening. >> reporter: following tactical teams our cbs news crew was caught in the middle of a second fire fight. [ gunfire ] christopher dorner's hold up in a cabin about 100 yards behind our position right now. you can see authorities and the s.w.a.t. teams with their guns drawn, armored vehicle just down the road as they prepare to move in. [ gunfire ] at one point, dorner tried to escape by throwing a smoke grenade at officers. >> get the gas. >> get the gas! >> police also deployed smoke grenades setting up a screen so the wounded could be evacuated. >> one of our deputies is being injured, treated here at lowma
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linda and unfortunately one of our other deputies passed away as a result of his injuries. >> reporter: last thursday a burned out truck belonging to dorner was found here along with weapons, survival gear and a gas mask. as the media descended on the town and s.w.a.t. teams searched door to door police now believe dorner was hiding in plain sight, in an unoccupied condo just across the road from their command post. >> down! >> reporter: late tuesday heavily armed officers finally cornered their suspect. they fired tear gas and deployed vehicles to rip down the house where he was hold up then a single gunshot from inside. smoke and flames soon poured from the cabin. multiple rounds of exploding ammunition could be heard in the crackle of the fire but no one was ever seen running from the burning building. for several hours, there were reports that cabin was too hot, too dangerous to enter but now
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officials report they have found a body. what happens from here the coroner will investigate and only then will they be able to identify the body as christopher dorner. >> carter from your incredible reporting of it clear you had a front row seat to this fire fight. how did you get so close? >> reporter: you could say we were in the right place at the right time. we had planned to be in the area where authorities were searching for dorner that day. we had heard that he had carjacked a white pickup truck and we were looking for that pickup truck. we saw authorities racing by us with guns drawn it was only when they pulled over and started firing did we realize what we had rolled up on. >> carter evans thanks. bill bratton was chief of the lapd when dorner was fired and john miller headed up the major crimes unit. good morning. >> good morning. >> what are the major questions that are urgent to be answered? >> i think number one is the i.d. of how he was able to allude the police and the
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extensive search of that area over a four five-day period of time, where was he actually spending his time during that period of time they'll investigate that aspect of it and motivations are clear in his manifesto and i'm sure that will be gone over in much more detail as the days go on. >> then there's a question of the charred body john what will they do? >> san bernardino county is very confident that's him, based on you know the stack of things that they've chased the man fitting the description and opened fire with what is believed a .50 caliber barrel assault weapon tossed a smoke grenade out. these are not things that would be consistent with any other criminal they would be chasing up there. he came up there armed to the teeth, but they'll have to recover that body and luckily in this case because he was with military and the lapd there's extensive records, fingerprints dna and other records comparing
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them. >> this is an incredibly dramatic showdown if which he was just like 100 yards from the command headquarters that had been set up there hiding under plain sight in some ways and then managed to wound two officers killing one, he was extraordinarily dangerous. >> some of the confusion is how many cabins are we talking about? there was one that was across from the command post. i think the separate one from the one where he ultimately hopefully met his end, so those details have to be sorted out today, because the reporting is confusing as to where was he at different times. >> did he light himself on fire or did the police take him out with that fire? >> they don't know that. the fire started as a very slow burn, and takes a while, but there's a couple of interesting points here. the cabin across from the command post, cleaning people show up there. he takes them hostage so apparently it had been empty for
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some time. we don't know had he been in there for hours, had he snuck up, was he planning on attacking the command post had he been in there for days. he ties them up and apparently steals their truck. they report that he buries that truck in a snowbank in the case runs on foot they chase him into that cabin, and when they shoot the tear gas in did that start the fire or did he start the fire? they hear a single gunshot from inside the cabin, the second cabin indicating he may have taken his own life so this is going to be a difficult crime scene. >> mr. bratton you were on the hit list. did you take precautions? >> ironically yesterday afternoon i met with the nypd intelligence operations there, threat assessment unit people in my company were getting nervous about the idea he had not been seen for several days would have had time to begun to move around so in response to
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their concerns he may have come here in the event there was a sighting in this area. >> bill bratton and john miller thank you. gun violence was one of the topics of the president's state of the union address. in his speech before congress the president laid out his second term agenda with a long list of priorities. major garrett is at the white house this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, norah and charlie. top white house officials describe president's state of the union agenda as ambitious and practical. there will be a practical application of part of that agenda reviving american manufacturing, the president just a few moments ago left washington for asheville, north carolina, tour a company that makes engine drive parts, expanding its workforce from 140 to 200 later this year. other issues came up in his state of the union address. the president's big new ideas? raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $9 an hour by the end of 2015 encourage universal preschool for children as young as 4, boost federal
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manufacturing research by $1 billion, and spend $40 billion to fix the nation's most dangerous roads and bridges. >> nothing i'm proposing tonight should increase our deficit by a single dime. it is not a bigger government we need, but a smarter government that sets priorities and invests in broad-based growth. >> reporter: but the white house provided no specifics on how much mr. obama's ideas would cost or how they would be paid for with cuts to existing federal programs. republicans remain hungry for details in the president's forthcoming budget. mr. obama also announced u.s. forces will be returning home from afghanistan faster than originally planned. >> i can announce that over the next year another 34,000 american troops will come home from afghanistan. this drawdown will continue and by the end of next year, our war in afghanistan will be over. >> reporter: the president gushed over bipartisan efforts to legalize 11 million undocumented workers here now
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and craft a new legal immigration system that also tightens border security evidence of the momentum? outstretched hands from republican senators john mccain and lindsey graham. tough critics of mr. obama's foreign policy. >> let's get this done. send me a comprehensive immigration reform bill in the next few months and i will sign it right away and america will be better for it. >> reporter: many lawmakers wore green ribbons in solidarity with newtown, connecticut, and victims of gun violence occupied seats of honor. in his emotionally charged close, mr. obama asked congress to ask congress what it hasn't done in two decades, hold real vote on gun control. >> if you want to vote no that's your choice but these proposals deserve a vote. >> reporter: with first lady michelle obama, the parents of 15-year-old hadiya pendleton, gunned down in chicago only weeks after marching in inauguration festivities in washington. >> hadiya's parents, nate and cleo, are in this chamber tonight along with more than two
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dozen americans whose lives have been torn apart by gun violence. they deserve a vote. >> reporter: but calling for a vote is not the same thing as asking congress to pass a new law. mr. obama did that with immigration reform but not gun control, conceding a political reality without having to actually say so. >> namingor garrett thanks. florida senator marco rubio delivered the response to the president's state of the union address. good morning. >> good morning. ." >> deserves a vote," do you agree with the president that these people deserve a vote? >> first of all our heart is broken for those people as i said last night, all of wus want to prevent that from happening again, anything that would work we want to vote on. the problem is everything the president is proposing would do nothing to prevent what happened in newtown and prevent further violence in the future. we have gun laws in america, in florida we have gun laws that are pretty strict in terms of requiring background checks and concealed weapons permit holder
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all of the requirements you have to do for that. the problem is that laws are only followed by law-abiding people. the people who commit these gun crimes don't care what the law is, they don't follow the law, they're criminals and that's my concern with the proposal i see coming out and i think they undermine on the other hand the law-abiding, the right of law-abiding citizens to possess arms of the second amendment, i'm not sure what proposals specifically the president was referring to but i'm sure there will be votes here on it certainly in the senate there will be. >> you'd like to see a proposal you can vote on with respect to gun control? >> i'd like to see a proposal that works. the things they've outlined none of them would have prevented what happened in connecticut. none of the things they'd do would have prevented what happened in connecticut. if they want to change the second amendment, if they want to change america's gun laws fine, say what you want to do and have a debate about it. if we're being honest with ourselves in terms of preventing what happened in newtown happening again, none of the proposals would do that. >> senator, you have been called
7:14 am
the republican savior. yesterday you voted against the violence against women act, you've opposed repeal of don't ask don't tell you opposed universal background checks for gun buyers you have yet to introduce a bill on immigration reform? >> that's inaccurate i'm not opposed to the violence against women act. i'd vote gladly to reauthorize the law. it has a provision that hurts florida, it basically mandates that the state must spend certain money in certain ways and in fact it undermines domestic violence programs in florida that work very well. and i made that very clear over and over again, they didn't want to change the bill they weren't going to have my vote. the don't ask don't tell that happened before i was in the senate and as far as immigration reform -- >> do you support it now the repeal of don't ask don't snell. >> we're not going to change it. that's the law now, they decided. yong it undermined our military readiness. here's the bottom line what i've always said on don't ask,
7:15 am
don't tell we should listen to the military commanders on not the politicians and i believe that's what i said on that issue. as far as the issue of immigration is concerned i've been here for two years. this issue hasn't been involved in 25 years. i'm involved in an effort to come up with a reasonable solution and spent a lot of time on that issue and hopefully we'll have a solution to offer. >> senator can you support a $9 minimum wage? >> again, i support people making more than $9. i want people to make as much as they can. i don't think a minimum wage law works. we all support, i certainly do having more taxpayers, meaning more people that are employed and i want people to make a lot more than $9. $9 is not enough. the problem is you can't do that by mandating it in the minimum wage laws. minimum wage laws have never worked in terms of helping the middle class attain more prosperity. what works is the kinds of things that i proposed last night that would help our free enterprise system create an environment for the private sector to grow create more good-paying jobs. let's have a debate about growth and what generates growth.
7:16 am
minimum wage law as good as it may sound at the outset is not the way to do it. >> senator you had a lot of substance in your speech but a lot of people are focusing on you reaching for that bottle of water. were you nervous? explain what happened. >> yes. no you talk about it happened unfortunately when you're giving a speech you have the podium and the water is there. when you're standing up in front of a camera you don't have an option. i had a long day at work already taped an 18-minute speech in spanish. i'm glad the water was nearby. i don't know what i would have done without it. >> senator rubio thank you. >> house committee chairman paul ryan will join us his first morning show interview since the
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all right, norah. a few patches of fog making their way inside the bay this morning and along the coastline. we have seen some thicker fog making its way to some of the interior valleys. as we hoed throughout the day, this is all going to lift as we head throughout the day. mostly sunny skies by the afternoon but still chilly in spots. freezing in some of the valleys now. 30 degrees in napa, 31 in santa rosa, and 32 degrees in
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fairfield. 40s approaching the coastline. this afternoon, should see some 50s at the beaches, 60s, plenty of sunshine, inside the bay and the valleys. even warmer over the next couple of days. >> announcer: this national her >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by kay jewel ares. every kiss begins with kay.
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breaking news from the vatican involving the search for a new pope. that is just ahead. plus the dream cruise that a body found in a burned cabin in san bernardino county is believed to be former l-a cop and murder s good morning, everyone. 7:26. i'm frank mallicoat. get you updated with some bay area headlines. this one of course making national attention. a body found in a burned cabin in san bernardino county is believed to be former l.a. cop and murder suspect christopher dorner. his driver's license was in the
7:25 am
cabin. a pittsburg police officer is out of the hospital after being shot last night. a man wanted for weapons violations now under arrest accused of shooting that police officer. and officers investigating a reported threat against a public official found a bomb or bomb-making materials at a santa clara house. the bomb squad dug a hole in the front yard and then blew up those explosives. traffic and weather coming up right after the break.
7:26 am
good morning, northbound south bay approaching almaden expressway an accident is blocking one lane, sounds like the far left lane approaching almaden expressway, and you can see some slowing there as you make your way towards the accident scene. elsewhere, outside westbound 237 looks something like that,
7:27 am
a little sluggish leaving milpitas to zanker road. fog across the golden gate bridge. and we have a dense fog advisory for the benicia bridge, as well. that is traffic. for your forecast, here's lawrence. >> yeah, looking thick in spots right now with fog outside. but we have also found a little sunshine looking ford the pleasanton area. we are going to see more of that toward the afternoon. a cold start to the day in many spots with temperatures down at or below freezing inland, a lot of 40s elsewhere at the coast. 50s and 60s this afternoon. lots of sunshine the next couple of days.
7:28 am
you guys, tomorrow's the first day of lent when catholics fast for 40 days. some catholics will give up chocolates one will give up alcohol and one catholic will give up being pope. today is ash wednesday, the first day of lent and pope benedict is speaking for the first time since he announced
7:29 am
he'll be retiring. >> the conclave good morning. the audience is usually full. today it was packed. it was the first chance the public had a chance to hear from the pope since he announced his resignation. he asked them to pray for him, for the church and for his successor, and then he explained why he did what he did. he said, quote, i did this in full freedom for the good of the church and having prayed for a long time and having examined my conscience before god. the welcome he got, the applause he got was raptures. i spoke with a priest who said it was a joyful mouse along with sadness. the words he used were basically the ones he used in his resignation speech. he will once he's gone from being pope which is february 28th move to a convent in the
7:30 am
back, which was renovated which shows he had this in mind forn a helilicoptpter leave vatican cicity a and g go to thanks. a cruise has turned into a week of misery. now passengers say they're seeing disgusting conditions. the vessel is slowly being towed to port in mobile eople onboard. the primary concern right now, keeping them healthy and safe. with two tug boats and a coast guard escort the triumph is slowly crawled toward mobile alabama. but for passengers and their anxious families it can't
7:31 am
happen soon enough trash is piling up. food is cold long lines. it's miserable. >> reporter: she's one of the passengers kept onboard. she's kept in touch via text messages and she told her son she had to wait in line for hours. >> the people who actually did have meat on their burgers were cold and the remainder of the people when they ran out of cooked meat was basically onions and things on their sandwiches. >> reporter: the engine caught on fire knocking out power leaving them drifting in the gulf of mexico. since then the passengers have complained from everything including no heat and sewage running down the walls. >> trash is everywhere. >> reporter: carnival cruise lines apologized tuesday and said triumph has running water and most of its 23 bathrooms are now working. >> let me assure you that no one
7:32 am
here on carnival is happy about the conditions on the ship and we're obviously very, very sorry about what's taking place. >> reporter: the tug boats are hauling them at around 8 miles an hour, one third the speed. >> one of the challenges now is we have a very large ship with a large sail area. it's a difficult vessel to tow. >> reporter: they have also launch and investigation into a fire that started it out.
7:33 am
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he's waging a one-man war on sugar. we'll meet the doctor behind thea controversial damager er of something so sweet. and tomorrow helen hunt a an oscar nominee for "the session" she'll be with us right here on "cbs this morning."
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8p8p best in show winner for the 137th westminster kennel dog show, the affenpinscher. >> banana joe! >> there can only be one top dog
7:39 am
at the westminster kennel club. last night banana joe took the show. he's a 5-year-old affenpinscher. he beat out his competitors. he now heads to the netherlands for retirement. >> the afterfenpinscher is confident and friendly like someone i know. >> that's why i love her. that's why i love her. 2 million americans are overweight or oh beechls one doctor is putting the responsibility on sugar. yeah, sugar. beating the odds against sugar, processed food obesity, and disease. good morning. >> thanks so much for having me but i want to say, they always told me never to follow children or dogs. >> in a live segment. exactly. >> too late now. >> this is an issue i think a lot of people care about, certainly trying to eat healthy. we know sugar is bad, but how bad is it?
7:40 am
>> way worse than anybody gives it credit for? >> why. >> everyone thinks sugar is empty calories. everyone's allowed a certain opt of discretionary amount for sugar. the answer is you could and that would be okay, but the problem is we do that and then some. we're supposed to be consuming 6 to 9 teaspoons of added sugar a day. the american heart association set that limit in 2009. our current consumption perrage a day is 22 teaspoons. what does that glut do to you? it's not about the calories. you could eat those 1,450 calories as a steak or other food stuff, it wouldn't matter. but it causes problems downstream called metabolic syndrome. >> it's the damage downstream? with the molecule fructose.
7:41 am
fructose is not glucose. hate as unique metabolic signature. it causes damage on its own. >> so somebody hears you say that this morning, the question for you is what do they do other than simply not putting sugar in their coffee and a whole lot of other things? >> that would be a good start. the problem is that one third of the sugar that we con siem is in things like sweetened beverages, sodas, juices, sports drinks. one-six respect in desserts like ice cream, candy, et cetera. that means one half of the sugars are in foods we department know have them. salad dressing barbecue sauce, hamburger buns hamburger meat tomato sauce the problem is that we should eat the real version of those as opposed to the processed version. >> are there any medical studies that link sugar to health problems? >> absolutely. we have one coming out two weeks
7:42 am
from now which demonstrates that sugar is the cause of diabetes worldwide over the last decade. >> but we've known that haven't we? >> no, actually we haven't known that. we've correlated that that this shows causation, and that is a big jump to make and we've made it. >> what about those critics of mayor bloomberg here in new york that he's creating a nanny state by saying that they continue d sodas over 16 ounces. >> you know what? it's a good baby step. it's going in the right direction. and it can be the slippery slope after that. bottom line, he is the single proponent of public health in our society. trans fats smoking, now sugar, he's got it right and he's doing what he can to make a difference for his population and i applaud him for it. >> dr. robert lustig. thank you for coming. >> thank you for having me.
7:43 am
we'll show you why the signature event of wrestling could be eliminated ahead on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: cbs "healthwatch" sponsored by nick oh determine cq. three steps, ten weeks, and you're free. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] every time you say no to a cigarette, you celebrate a little win. nicoderm cq, the patch with time release smart control technology. quit one day at a time with nicoderm cq. hey! hey honey! hey alan. uh, hey.... i'm bob, we talked at the tax store. i did your taxes. i thout you were a tax expert? today, i'm a master plumber. major tax stores advertise for preparers with "no tax experience necessary." at turbotax, you only get answers from cpas, eas or tax attorneys - all real tax experts.
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language an avalanche was triggered. look at this. he does a back flip and amazingly, look. he just skis away unscathed. that's how you ski, right? >> no. that's how i wish i skied. >> incredible. welcome back to "cbs this morning." >> welcome back. speaking of sports olick picks they're taking the first step of taking wrestling off the machlt dean reynolds shows us kwhie fans are leading a new competition to save the sport. >> reporter: wrestling isn't quite down for the count but if the committee has its way the sport could be dropped after the
7:48 am
2016 olympics. >> it's not a case of what's wrong with wrestling. it's what is right for 2025. >> >> he's talking about badminton, synchronized swimming and gymnastics gymnastics. the move tossed the rest of the world on its head. >> the united states and all the countries feeling the same need to come together. >> it will beat out baseball and squash and inline roller-skating including other sports that want in including wuushu whatever that is. they say, we look forward to telling the story about wrestling to the international
7:49 am
committee leadership and the entire world. about our great sport and why it should be part of the olympic movement forever. critics charge that the recommendation is less about history and more about the politics of the olympic committee and wrestling's popularity. >> tonal rumors that i've heard is that viewer ratings for some of these sports don't match up globally to some of the other sports that were under krrgs consideration. but that was never clarified. >> they even thinking wrestling might be considered the path of least resistance when in reall it might be the worst. >> reporter: one thing is clear. they won't be taking this lying down. for "cbs this morning," dean reynolds, chicago. congressman paul ryan predicts massive spending cuts will take effect next month. we'll ask him about that and what he took away from last night's state of the union
7:50 am
address. paul ryan and his first morning show interview since the election. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by h&r block. come see what a difference our tax expertise can make. i'm gonna catch it and bring it back to ya. come on in. hey, it's sara. i'm going pro. i've been using crest pro-health for a week. my dentist said it was gonna help transform my mouth. [ male announcer ] go pro. for a clean that's up to four times better try these crest pro-health products together. [ sara ] i've been using crest pro-health. so feels different. [ male announcer ] crest pro-health protects not just some but all these areas dentists check most. my mouth feels healthier. it feels cleaner. i think my dentist is gonna see the difference. [ male announcer ] go pro with crest pro-health. i don't think i'll ever go back to another product. see. hey, dad's room looks great. [ rock music blaring ] and after we get sarah some headphones, it'll be perfect.
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chances are you've been to his casino and resort. we'll tell you what he thinks about our project and the state of the union and art collecting. >> and a lot of people in nevada have been watching this story, the apparent end of the manhunt of christopher dorn e. we'll talk to the man who was the reporter believe a body... found in the rubble of a burned cabin... is that of murder suspect the good morning, everyone. it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. authorities believe a body found in the rubble of a burned cabin is that of murder suspect christopher dorner. the remains have not been formally identified yet. but sources told "associated press" dorner's wallet was found nearby. the cabin in the san bernardino
7:55 am
mountains near big bear caught fire yesterday after a shootout that killed one sheriff's deputy and wounded another. the cost of attending stanford university will be even higher in the next school year. fees for undergrads will go up 3 1/2% above $56,000 including tuition and room and board. the university does point out its aid program will still provide free undergraduate tuition to families making less than $100,000 a year. >> stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment.
7:56 am
good morning. first just getting word of an accident approaching the dumbarton bridge toll plaza. two lanes are blocked so we'll continue to keep you updated there. in the meantime, outside now, here's a live look from the silicon valley commute, westbound 237 sluggish between 880 and mccarthy. outside a lot of thick fog. we have a dense fog advisory posted not for the golden gate bridge but for the bay bridge. the north bay socked in. that's a check of traffic. for more on your forecast, here's lawrence. >> a little gray in spots. we found some sunshine for you
7:57 am
headed out the door, looking good right now. we are going to see more of this toward the afternoon. our mount vaca cam lots of sunshine there. the temperatures running chilly, though, numbers only in the 30s valleys, below freezing in the napa valley. we have 40s toward the coastline. this afternoon 50s there. lots of 60s, even mid-60s in the warmest spots. even warmer over the next couple of days, maybe 70s on friday.
7:58 am
good morning, everyone. it is 8:00 a.m. and welcome back to "cbs this morning." one reporter was there to see the police shoot-out with the man thought to be christopher dorner. carter evans tells us what it was like to be so close to the crossfire. and president obama asks
7:59 am
congress not to allow automatic budget cuts. we'll ask paul ryan if that's going to happen. first here's a look at today's eye opener at 8:00. >> reports thissing inside that burnt out cabin they found a california driver's license with the name christopher dorner. >> the sweeping manhunt for fugitive ex-cop wanted in a deadly rampage appears to be over. overnight sheriff's deputies say charred remains were found inside a cabin in big bear lake. >> the cabin went up in flames after an intense shoot-out. >> who lit the cabin on fire? did he light himself or fire or did police? >> we don't know that. this is going to be a very & difficult crime scene. >> gun violence was one of the topics of the president's state of the union address. >> some described it as practical and ambitious. >> you would like to see a proposal you can vote on with respect to gun control? >> i would like to see a proposal that works. >> it's the first time they heard from the pope since he announced his resignation. announced his resignation. he asked for him to pray for him, the church, and his
8:00 am
successor, and then he explained why he did what he did. >> the triumph is expected to dock here tomorrow with more than 4,000 people onboard. the primary concern right now, to keep them healthy and safe. >> a lot of people focusing on your reaching for that bottle of water. >> i'm glad it was nearby. i don't know what i would have done without it. >> last night banana joe took best in show. >> and the affenpinscher is confident, lively and friendly like someone i know. >> that's why i love her, that's why i love her. >> today's eye opener at 8:00 is presented by -- i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. authorities in california will use forensics to identify remains in a burned out cabin. they are thought to be that of fugitive christopher dorner. >> dorner was wanted for killing three people. it ended with dramatic shoot-out at a cabin in big bear. a sheriff's deputy was killed.
8:01 am
and the only reporter on the scene was our carter evans. carter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, gayle. it was a tragic scene as the police and sheriff's deputies had their man cornered. hoarse how it unfolded in front of our cameras. i was able to report live for our cbs affiliate in los angeles. that's as sheriffs deputies surrounded the cabin and opened fire. >> you see authorities honing in on an area about 200 feet of us. i see a lot of them moving to take cover themselves. [ gun shots ] i hear some screaming. you heard all that gunfire.
8:02 am
i see a team of sheriff's deputies in full on fatigues with weapons drawn running toward us right now. we're down on the ground behind the wheels of a car right in the center of the action here. we're right where this happened. we're not moving from our vehicle. this is a very fluid situation. we're staying here. we don't want to get caught in the crossfire. [ gunfire ] >> carter, the video your team got is incredible. i can't believe the police let you in so closely. were they concerned about your
8:03 am
safety? >> it wasn't necessarily that authorities loud us to get that close. we were out yesterday looking for those search taemg and it was one of those search teams in a civilian vehicle that we followed up to the scene. it wasn't until sheriff's deputies jumped out of that car in their camouflage fatigues that we realized what we rolleded up on. what we had were several police agencies working together in perfect unison here. two deputies were shot. police officers were trying to get them to safety and also trying to provide cover for the other police officers who were there. at the same time we felt about as safe as we possibly could in a situation like that. sheriff's deputies were providing as much cover as they could for us. >> it looks like something out of a movie.
8:04 am
>> in his state of the union address last night president obama urged congress to end the bickering and reach a budget deal. >> i realize tax reform and entitlement reform will not be easy. the politics will be hard for both sides. none of us will get 100% of what we want. but the alternative will cost us jobs. hurt our economy, visit hardship. let's set bipartisanship aside and work to pass a budget that replaces reckless cuts with wise savings and investments in our future. republican ron paul chairs the house and budget committee. he was the audience for last night's address. congressman, good morning. >> good morning, charlie, how are you? >> good. how are you? >> fine. >> the president listed what would happen if a sequester takes place. there are automatic cuts.
8:05 am
do i hear you saying you believe that's what's going to happen? >> i was simply predicting. the reason is the president has. not put a budget on the table. the senate hasn't passed a budget in four years. we've been passing budgets. we spent two bills where we think they were smart cuts. don't forget, charlie, it's the president who proposed the sequester and designed it as it is now designed and it's the house who passed it. because the senate has not acted, because the president has not put a proposal yet on the table, that's why i think the sequester will occur. >> if the president doesn't act you're prepared to let it happen? >> i think it will happen. you have to understand, charlie, we have acted in the house. the president has not. the senate has not. therefore, i think that's why it ooh going happen. the other point is you have to remember we have this budget to
8:06 am
prevent these kinds of things from happening, the cliff, the brinksmanship games. the senate hasn't passed a budget in four years. the president has missed the budget deadline four out of the last five times. his budget was due last week and it looks like he may not even produce a budget for a month, missing the deadline by as much as a month. we're going to pass a budget on time. we have already done that, and that is how you fix these problems and prevent these kinds of brinksmanships. we would love to see the other side of the aisle, which to me is how you get these things done. we put our proposal on the table, they put theirs and that's how you start negotiating. that's why we're frustrated. >> congressman, it's norah o'donnell. nice to have you with us. >> hi, norah. >> i want to turn to the president's state of the union address last night. one of the areas where there was an emotional moment is where the president talked about the victims of gun violence, named them and said each deserved a vote. at that point speaker boehner stood up and applauded.
8:07 am
do you agree there should at least be a vote on gun control and let people vote however they want? >> speaker boehner has said let's sequester on the economy and let's see what the senate can pass. and send over to the house and take that legislation up. you know, the other thing that was nice to see is brian murphy. a man i've known for a number of years, a police lieutenant in oak creek who was shot 12 times was standing there in the audience in much better health. that was wonderful to see, a hero like that surviving that kind of brutality. what i'm a little concerned about is the president didn't mention the other things we ought to be looking at, what about a comprehensive mental illness policy to identify the individuals, what is happening in our culture that produce this kind of evil. we shouldn't paper over those severe problems and i would hate to miss the opportunity to do that and instead recycle failed policies of the past. i hope it doesn't become a bipartisan football. as a parent, i have to tell you.
8:08 am
i want to fix this. to the extent we can. we need to look into these deeper issues. >> i'd like to talk about you for a second. you bone marco rubio were discussed as possible candidates in 2016. when you look at your political career, what do you want to do next? >> i want to stop the country from having a debt crisis. i want to make sure my children inherit a debt free nation better than the ones my parents gave me. i want to work wherever i can to fix this future. i'm disappointed in the president in how he underplayed this. we've got to get back to the ladder of success and where i can best do, that i'll have to decide later. i literally don't know where the best place to do that is. i feel like i have a pretty important job now as chairman of the budget committee. make sure we get this debt under control, balance the budget. grow the economy, reform the tax situation. open up our energy exploration.
8:09 am
that creates growth. that's what i'm focused on. i'm more focused on policy and outcome than some political promotion. >> congressman ryan, let's talk about dialogue for a second. the speaker said of the president he does not have the guts to act. do you agree with the speaker? >> yeah i think in some ways i absolutely do. i think the speech we got last night was par for the course for the president. very liberal, fairly partisan. but he's taking to the road for the next few days in what i would basically call campaign mode. he seems to always stay in a campaign mode where he treats people of the other party as an enemy not as partners. if he really wanted to get things done and govern, he would come here and work with us instead of campaigning all over the country. so when you see that kind of activity. when you see those kind of arguments and different ideas than he does that is why the speaker makes comments like
8:10 am
that. >> and congressman, i understand that you gave senator rubio some tips before his response last night and that included water. what did you tell him? >> i tweeted to him. we didn't actually speech. i did the speech two years ago. he did a great job by the way. it was a phenomenal speech. well delivered. you get really thirsty. i'm thirsty right now. what i usually do -- my secret is put a cough drop in your mouth. that usually helps you. >> great advice. he was one of the youngest
8:11 am
guests at the state of the union, a 16-year-old who's become an award-winning cancer researcher, if you can believe that, ahead on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is sponsored by allergen. talk to your doctor today about chronic migraine. your doctor today about chronic migraine. ave some friends over for dinner. maybe you'll have a migraine. if you have migraines with 15 or more headache days a month, you're living a maybe life. and you may have chronic migraine. but knowing this thing you're going through has a name means knowing you can find treatments that are right for you. go to to find a headache specialist. and don't live a maybe life. more than a paycheck. it represents all the time you've spent helping those around you. so when it comes to taxes, we're to help you. that's why we have cpas,
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8:15 am
country mus country music star carrie underwood has a lot of reason to kick up her cowboy boots that she wears. sunday she won a grammy for "blown away" and is headed back on tour. our conversation with the lovely carrie ahead on "cbs this morning." and tomorrow we're tuning into a radio favorite. >> you may not recognize her face, but you probably know her voice. >> you're listening to delilah. >> the queen of sappy love songs tomorrow on "cbs this morning." de-lila. >> ahead on "cbs this morning." if you don't feel good when you leave the bathroom, you've got the wrong toilet paper. you want it to get you clean... gently. as long as i use quilted northern ultra plush® i'm happy... and positive i'm clean. quilted northern ultra plush with the innerlux layer. for a comfortable, confident clean, or your money back.
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8:18 am
this is a story you want to
8:19 am
hear. one of last night's guests at the state of the union is responsible for a major breakthrough in the battle against cancer and he's not even old enough to vote. nancy cordes is on capitol hill. nancy, good morning. >> norah, if you're anything like me you no absolutely nothing about carbonano tubes. never heard of them. but the young man from maryland has been obsessed with them basically since he was a preteen and he's come up with a way to use them to test for cancer that experts haven't even thought of. >> in the category of -- >> jack andraka found out last spring that he won one of the most prestigious science awards along with $75,000. on tuesday andraka, who just turned 16 was sitting in the first lady's box during the state of the union address. >> he's like whoa there's the first lady, the president, oh my goodness. it was so exciting. >> how he got there was a story
8:20 am
that began tragically two years ago when a close family friend died from pancreatic can sefrmt andraka wanted to invent a way to fight that disease which takes more than 100 live as day and he found one, a paper sensor that detects pancreatic cancer in its early phases, 28 times faster and cheaper than anything else. >> i was 14 in my high school biology class. >> reporter: laugh year's grand price at the high school's biggest science fair was just the beginning. on monday he got a call from the white house. it was an invitation to the state of the union and a chance to speak with the president. >> he asked me like did you get a patent on this? are you talking with different companies? >> i never thought he'd come to the white house, to the state of the union and bring his mom and dad. how amazing is that? >> andraka plans to use his prize money to go to college and he's already conjuring up his
8:21 am
next invention. >> to develop something the size of your smartphone. it's like making an mri the size of a credit card. >> jack isn't just smart. he's persistent. he asked 200 scientists for lab space until one said yes. he worked on it for seven months and now there are seven companies interested inú#çñçñ this
8:22 am
is speeding. this is in a rush. this
8:23 am
is fast food. this is accelerating. and this is happening too fast. this is the express lane. getting a ticket. and this is the fast track. this is the fastest in-home wi-fi for all rooms, all devices, all the time. this is xfinity internet. call or click to get started today. xfinity. the future of awesome. body found in the cabin is believed to be that of former cop and murder suspect it's 8:25. time for some news headlines. officers say a body found in the cabin is believed to be that of a former cop and murder suspect, christopher dorner. during a news conference less than an hour ago, the lapd announced it has returned to a normal state of operations. forensic experts are still
8:24 am
checking the body to confirm it was dorner who was killed. a deputy was killed in a shootout before the fire in the cabin started yesterday. an east bay officer recovering from gunshot injuries today, that's after a shooting with a suspect in pittsburg. this all started after 11:30 last night when a man ran away from officers. according to police, they were trying to talk to him about several warrants for drug and weapons charges. former san francisco giants player barry bonds is due to appear in an appeals court today. bonds' lawyers hope to get his obstruction of justice conviction overturned. it stems from his evasive testimony before a grand jury investigating a performance- enhancing drug case in 2003. >> stay with us. traffic and weather and weather coming up right up.
8:25 am
8:26 am
officers say a body found in the cabin is believed to be that of a former cop and murder suspect, christopher dorner. during a news conference less than an hour ago, the lapd announced it has returned to a norm it looks like the bay bridge toll plaza commute is winding down. it's actually pretty quiet in spite of the stall on the upper deck. it's only backed up to the middle of the lot. you will notice all that fog as well so be careful on the bridges. chp issued fog advisories for carquinez and benicia bridges. elsewhere southbound 101, according to a report, shoreline boulevard we have an accident just cleared to the right-hand shoulder. it is still slow going on 101. 280 better option. that is traffic. for your forecast, here's lawrence. >> we have sunshine and clouds in some spots, patchy fog over the bay and the fog thick enough, visibilities down to a quarter mile in the napa valley
8:27 am
right now. still, we are going to clear out those skies nicely. temperatures right now chilly in spots, below freezing in napa, 32 in fairfield, 32 also in santa rosa. this afternoon mid-60s and plenty of sunshine inside the bay and the valleys. 50s at the coast. warmer weather is on the way on thursday and friday. a little cooler the latter part of the weekend.
8:28 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour steve wynn is one of the most powerful american in vegas. he's with us. we'll get his thoughts on last night's state of the union and learn about his plan to reinvent
8:29 am
casinos. >> carrie underwood has just taken home her sixth grammy. we'll talk about her fame and rumors about her feud with taylor swift. the washington times says the senate voted to rule against the achlkt they could not reach a compromise. wheelchair ten is greatest retires. she retires with a win of 470 matches. she hasn't lost in ten years. >> with "wall street journal" warns your smell fades over time. there are exercises you can do to keep your knows in shape like smelling everything you eat before you take a bite. >> that's one way to keep it going. >> i know. you learn something new every day.
8:30 am
and "washington post" tells about a guest of michelle obama's. a 102-year-old was mentioned in the president's address. she had to make two trips to wait to vote for mr. obama last fall. >> what an incredible story. they showed a cutaway. everyone stood up and applauded for her. she was so persistent. >> america. >> america right there. once a year lawmakers turn photographying into a real competition and show us why squatters aet the state of the union can pay a price for a moment of fame. >> reporter: as president obama worked his way down the aisle of the house chamber last night he was mobbed by member oofs congress affectionately known as aisle hogs. new york democrat elliot engle
8:31 am
arrive 12 hours early to get his aisle seat. it's not really about what they say. no. it's like so much in politics. it's all about the picture. >> my constituents six months from now will say i saw you on tv. >> reporter: georgia democrat sanford bishop has spent hours picking out an aisle seat. >> they can see that person interacting. >> spending so many hours holding the seat, he says, is far from a waste of time. >> i look through my blackberry. >> i go through all the krons and rise the newspaper. >> reporter: but being an aisle
8:32 am
hog isn't always a good thing. jean schmidt kissed him on the cheek. >> is she a democrat? she seems close with the president. >> reporter: she lost the primary. most say it's a political plus, even if it can get a little rough. >> people tried to elbow me aside but i pretty mump stand my ground. >> reporter: a small price to pay for a few seconds in the spot light for the most powerful man. chip reid, capitol hill. >> if steve wynn had had his way mitt romney would have been speaking to the nation last night. welcome. >> yeah, charlie. before you categoryize me remember, i've been more of a democrat than a republican and my mantra is that as businesspeople we're supposed to be helpful to make the president successful and have a better life for my employees. >> well said. so if in fact you could give the
8:33 am
president good advice on creating jobs which you've done a lot of what would you tell him? >> well, the first thing i would do because i'm very much -- see, all of you on this program and all of my employees are living onnen a paycheck and the biggest single thing that's negative in america today is the value of those paychecks are being destroyed every day by the deficit. increasing money supply that the fed is doing and what these deficits are causing as we borrow more and more money is doing that. that's the most important thing. creating jobs is when business expands. the most important thing in business is mentality of my work force. when they're happy, twhaen ire secure, they're reaching out for customers and making a better tomorrow and then i need more employees because my business grows. so existing businesses grow when
8:34 am
the work force are happy and when those companies are vibrant and dynamic. creating jobs is a very complex subject. there are an awful lot of people who know more about it than myself. 've been a job creator all my life because i'm a developer. i see a piece of property i come up with some kooky idea in the business i'm in and i build a building and house 1,000 people in a hotel. that's very nice and it creates other jobs. so a 10,000-job hotel is more. >> you've not only been successful in china and macaw, but you're looking to create jobs in america. philadelphia? >> i've got developer's disease. my doctors say if i take my met
8:35 am
indication i'm in no danger to anyone but myself. >> the challenge is making people go wow. it's such fun. it keeps me young. >> do you start with a great hotel or the casino? >> only hotel. it's not casino thicks that make people get on a plane to go to a beautiful hotel, go to a spa, shop eat in wonderful restaurants. slot machines themselves have very little -- they're a commodity. they all look alike. a blackjack table is the same everywhere in the world. >> steve, i heard you put quite a show on in philadelphia yesterday in making your presentation. at one point you callinged atlantic city the enemy. >> that's a little bit of philadelphia humor. this is my 50s anniversary with my class reunion.
8:36 am
>> duke. >> duke is mr. rose. >> you know too much, mr. wynn. >> why is philadelphia a good choice for you? >> it's one of the great urban cities, and i have this notion of an urban win. you know in cities like new york philadelphia and boston, there aren't any beautiful new hotels because the price of hotels doesn't justify the cost of them these days some of how can you have wonderful new hotels with big rooms and great bathrooms and new meeting space and restaurants? well, add a casino room down the hall separate but not dominating and all of a sudden the casino revenue allows do you build a new hotel and that's an urban win. it's an integrated win. the hotel experience itself is not directly dominated. you can use any part of the hotel without dealing with slot
8:37 am
machines or tables but if you have a yen do that as a diversion for some part of the day, you can go down the hall through a separate door and into a gaming area. i call that an urban idea of the wynn hotel and i'm fascinated with it because two cities in america are offering the possibilities of such wonderful development. mainly philadelphia and boston. so we've never done river boat s or casinos. i'm piqued by the idea. some day imagine being able to build a new hotel in new york. >> and steve you have been -- you're incredibly well known in the united states and well known around the world and macau. what's been your experience in dealing with the chinese government? >> very steadfast, predictable. you know when -- in 1979 when ping was asked whether he was going have a market-base order more social is tick economy, he
8:38 am
gave a very insightful answer that has pretty much marked the personality of subsequent administrations in the prc. he said, it can be a black cat or a white cat but if it catches mice it's a good cat. they're very pragmatic. they have goals. it's the most determined aggressive job creation economy on this planet. when they wake up every morning, industrialize this country, create jobs because we've got so many people on the poverty level, we've got to get jobs for them. so everything takes a back seat to job creation in china. well, if that's the case they're very predictable. now, they have this goal to the exclusion of all other, however, they do different strategies at different times to accomplish that and they review those strategies. the goals don't challenge but the strategies vary from time to time and you can see that mentality clearly. >> steve we have to come back.
8:39 am
we have so much to talk about but we're out of time this morning. >> can i just say in your next great hotel could you make sure there's -- >> thank you. i promise not to tell anybody what i saw here this morning backstage. >> when we come back carrie underwood is up
8:40 am
8:41 am
on sunday carrie underwood took home her sixth grammy for her single "blown away." tonight she kicks off a 60-city tour. tonight we caught up with carrie on her grammy-winning performance. >> wow. >> we have to look at your boots boots. whoa.
8:42 am
she's been described as the reigning queen of country music. and her storybook career seems to have no limits. but offstage carrie underwood says she's just like anybody else i was looking at your fingernails some of one of them is a different color. why? >> just cuz. a lot of people are doing a lot of things with nair nails and it's a safe way to be funky a little bit. you know i'm there. i'm holding a microphone. >> last sunday carrie took home her sixth grammy award. at the age of 29 she has sold over 15 million albums and generated 16 number one singles, all since rising to fame as an "american idol." >> i see you tweeting about "american idol," and think -- i love the fact that you still embrace the show that introduced
8:43 am
us to you. >> i love watching. i love seeing hopefuls just like i was, you know. this could change their lives forever. i think that's why people like to watch shows like that because they're the cinderella story. >> it's a cinderella story and let's talk about how it has changed your life. when they say carrie underwood, it's a bona fide success story. do you ever sit and say, wow, i am that girl? >> it's overwhelming and i don't feel like that girl. >> you don't. >> no. my friends i promise you, are the most normal people ever. >> but she is that girl a certified superstar. her 2012 "blown away" tour was the top money maker for a female artest. now she's hitting the road again. >> when you were thinking about what fame would be, is this it? >> when you grow up thinking i want to be famous? if you're a kid and see someone
8:44 am
singing and you say, wow, that must be awesome? >> you think, somebody does everything for them. they don't have do anything. there's a lot of work and a lot of people that it takes and everybody has to do their job including artist. you have soo be willing to wake up at 4:00 to get ready in the morning to go on a morning, you know, tv show or radio show. and you stay up late because you have a show to put on. >> and with fame comes a lot of success and comes a lot of gossip about your personal life. the latest feud was between you and taylor swift. >> what is that about? >> is there a feud between you and taylor swift? >> no, not that i know of. >> what is your favorite taylor swift song? >> oh, my gosh. iing are like "i knew you were trouble" which is one of her newer ones. it sounded a lot different for her and i liked the branching out kind of trying some different sounds. >> somebody who knows you said
8:45 am
to me -- who shall remain nameless -- he remembers the days when carrie used to worry about the somebody showing up to her concert. >> i still do. >> you still do. >> yeah. we gear up for the "blown away" tour. we're talking staging, lighting all the background video and band and where they should be and how they should play may wardrobe and all of that stuff and i'm still thinking are we doing this for a reason? are people going to show up? are people going to like it? are people going to fill the seats out there or is this the wrong thing do? >> why do you doubt after all this time -- you're on album number four. why do you doubt people won't show up to see you? >> i don't know. but i'd rather doubt than be overden and have that blow up in my face. >> oncht i get it. even though she denies being involved in any real-life feud
8:46 am
carrie's music tells a different story. many of her songs deal with themes of deceit and revenge. common themes in country music that carrie says have nothing do with her personal life. she married mike fischer, an american professional hockey player three years ago. >> how has marriage changed you? >> i know i'd become selfish because i only had me to worry about. i looked up to my friends and people i grew up with most of them have multiple children. you know what i'm saying. >> multiple children. >> they started a lot behind me. cold be selfish because it was just me to worry about. so there has been some adjustment for both of snus do you want multiple children? >> i think two is a good number you know? if you have one, you might as well have two and keep each other company. >> and does your mother say when are we going to see the first one? >> my mother is the opposite.
8:47 am
she never pressured me to get married. she certainly isn't pressuring us to have kids. >> but you will have it when you're ready. >> right. >> and you're fine with that. >> there's so many up to do and the way my life is right now and my husband's life is right now, it would just be a lot more i think, than all of us could handle. i think at some point it's going to be that i'm going to have to just jump in kind of thing because is there ever going to be a good time? >> another theme in carrie's music, small-time life. her parents still link in checotah, oklahoma. >> it's funny that you grew up in oklahoma. it's a meat-eating state and you're a vegetarian. >> i know. >> why? >> i don't know. i had rabbits. i had cows that i considered to be my pets. >> do you ever get a craving for a burger?
8:48 am
>> i don't. i never had a burger in 13 years. >> and my last question you will have accomplished everything you really want to do profession ally and personally when you do what? >> i mean i'd say i have surpassed any expectations i've ever had for myself. >> ms. king has a very fine looking dress on there too. >> yes. >> we're guessing alexander mcqueen. >> you would be absolutely correct. i think if i wore it on the set, chris might freak out because it's very busy but it's great on the road. thank you, charlie. >> you asked great questions. i'm a fan of carrie but i didn't know all of that. >> she said she majored in journalism and if she wasn't doing that she'd be on tv. >> i think it would be so fun to be on stage and everyone's singing your song. like this job. i like
8:49 am
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footage wi saw with carter also there with his crew and camera cameramen. >> you can never do it without a crew. we're glad they're both okay. >> but a good morning for
8:52 am
8:53 am
good morning, everyone it's 8:55 i'm michelle griego with your kpix headlines. a pittsburg police officer is out of the headlines after he was shot late last night. a man wanted for weapons violations is under arrest accused of shooting the officer. an arraignment is set this afternoon for the suspect accused of killing a 13-year-
8:54 am
old suisun city girl. officers arrested anthony lamar jones last week. he's accused of killing janell allen. according to police they had jones under 24 hour surveillance since the murder. barry bonds is due back in court today. bonds' lawyers are appealing his obstruction of justice conviction. it stems from his testimony back in 2003. the ninth circuit court of appeals is expected to take bonds' case and rule at a later day. here is lawrence with the forecast. starting out with sunshine and patchy fog around the bay area. a little chilly in some of the valleys. still into the 30s but looking good outside. we will see plenty of sunshine as we head throughout the afternoon. going to get through this fog first and cold temperatures. 32 and freezing in fairfield. 3 in san jose. 40s approaching the coastline. what a day it will be. mid 60s the warmest parts of the bay area. 50s out toward the coast.
8:55 am
the next couple of days including valentines day will be spectacular. temperatures soring well into the 60s and possibly low 70s on friday. cooling off maybe rain though by next tuesday. we're going to check out your time saver traffic coming up next.
8:56 am
8:57 am
you may want to wait it out as you head toward the be chechia bridge. we have an accident blocking up to two lanes. it's really stacking up on 680 and 780. the fog is pretty thick. there is a dense fog advisory for the benicia bridge. have a great day.
8:58 am
>> rachael: today... >> that is amazing! >> rachael: we got game. first -- no pressure no pressure. me and "once upon a time" cutie, ginnifer goodwin sit down with rev run and tyrese. >> go go go. >> coconut tea. >> an icebox man. >> rachael: it's our first ever game of "kitchen-ary." then -- >> coming up in here.
8:59 am
oh! >> rachael: the boys of talking truth about the games men play with women. >> have you text a breakup like hey babe. >> are you going to put my business in the street? [cheers and applause] >> rachael: hey, everybody. welcome, welcome, welcome. you know a few weeks back, i got to go over to my buddy, jimmy fallon's show. i had a blast. i always have a great time with jim h. a fabulous time we got to plipictionary and i'm a game-loving woman. whether you saw my pictionary debut on the fallon show if you watch this show you know we love to play games, we play them all the time. i get more than a little competitive when it comes to the game. i love game night at home, too. we thought we'd start today's show with a


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